Sabbir Ahmed the founder of Cosmos Holiday.

I am Sabbir Ahmed CEO & Founder of Cosmos Holiday was born at Bogura city in April 12 1985 . My Parents are Md.A Rowf & Noor Afroz Begum Zoity Respectively. Our nationality are Bangladeshi By Birth . My father appointed by PSC Lecturer in psychology of government Azizul Haque College Bogure. lastly he promoted as professor and principal of Joypurhat Govt Collage. He was involved with so many social activities. Such as established a High School in his Village styled as Tirsa Jonokollyan High School. My father was elected as Secretary General of Bangladesh general Education Association from 2003 – 2006 . My father retired from his government service in 2005 . after his retirement he established a tourism company which is known as CTB Limited registered under Join stock Company act 1994.My father was also elected as director of tour operators Association of Bangladesh. At present he is still active director of the same.My Mother Joined as Lecturer in psychology in Shibgonj M.H. College Bogura, She Joined as Principal in Same Collage . She Retired from her service on 2018. From very the beginning of her life She was involved with Politics, as a result She was nominated as Parliament Member  (MP) From Bangladesh nationalist Party(BNP)  . She is Involved with Various Social Activities .I have Stared  my education from Local Armd Police Battalion Public school of Bogura  and ended my study from independent university bangladesh  (IUB) Dhaka .From the very beginning of my life I was very sincere and passing my time with social Activities. I saw my parents who led there life very simple , though both of them were government and private service  holders . They were passed their life with very simplicity.I had an opportunity  to visit Various places  of importance  in Bangladesh and out side Bangladesh .I am to take decision if I try my self honestly I may be good entrepreneur and build an industry . if I do that not only I will be solvent but may appoint some young people who will be solvent also.Accordingly I joined as an assistant Accounts Officer in Luxury group only to earn experience . After  1 year , I changed my job another company named Melody Group as an assistant Manager merchandiser officer. I also passed here 6 month’s only . The company requested me to stay with them and they promised to increase my salary also. But it was not possible on my on my part to stay more.Comeing from melody group, I joined CTB Limited as General Manager. I was able to improve the CTB  Limited Tremendously . But I could not stay long time , I had a dream to build an Industry which will be leading s company in the country . Now I resigned from the service though company requested me continue my job . But I thought time is not wait for none . CTB was Last Service in my life.After resigned my job I try to keep my promises. I launched a small farm styled as (cosmos Holiday) , at my entrepreneurship, Mohamadia Super market . My office  Premise was 275 square feet wit 3 staff . I gave tried to hard labour day  night. My Business was Improving . within six months I am to increase my office area and staff on same place .Grateful to almighty Allah I had transfer my office Mohamodia super market to Plaza A.R. its area and staff are improving. within a very short time. It became one of the best tour operator company in Bangladesh. its reputation spreed over Bangladesh to other countres also.The newly office Cosmos Holiday’s  area is 3200 square  feet with 55 staff and it launched another branch in bonani which is 1300 square  feet with 12 staff.My business has expanded  Bangladesh to SAARC countries, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore ,Indonesia, Philippines,Vietnam, Combodia,Saudi Arabia,China,UAE,  Russia, Turky , Egypt, Europe ETC. Now This is the one of the best tour operator Association of Bangladesh. Cosmos holiday activities cover around the world. The company are processing all countries visa, Air ticketing , land Packaging , Advanture and uncommon Packages. Founder and the authority of the company I myself sabbir Ahmed has visited all over the world I am well known to Bangladesh and outside Bangladesh .I have uncountable followers and clients. I thank everybody.

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