The Starboy Emon Islam (04 March 1998) – making a bang onthe next generation with his talented creations and performances.

Emon Islam is a Bangladeshi Singer, Musician, Song Composer, Actor, FilmDirector, Entrepreneur & Social Influencer.Emon Islam comesfrom Goshairhat, Shariatpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh, is making a bang in the song industry with his extraordinarynumbers and a great fan base is uprising in a very short time centering Emon Islam.Moreover, Emon Islam is a youtuber who is in the top trending list in Bangladeshright now. Emon Islam is rival with the global youtubers in terms of subscribers andViewers. This is actually an awe for him as well as for our country that right now he is in the toptrending list. In the close next we will be able to see him in the global ranking in the youtubeindustry.Emon Islam was born on 04 March 1998.He completed his early school life inShariatPur. It is really appreciating that from that position he is now the top most favouritemusician all over the country. He is in the top trending list in the various music platformslike-Spotify, Jio Saavn, iTunes, Amazon Music, Deezer, Pandora, Tidal, Shazam,Pandora,Kkbox ,Soundcloud etc.He is singing,writing songs, composing songs andMaking the music and doing all the aspects of a song making him a best in the musicindustry right now.He has composed 15 songs, sang 24 songs yet.In this a very short timeperiod, he is making just a record in the music industry.Emon Islam has marked his position as a successful Musician, Bangladeshi Blogger,Digital and Social media Marketer and a Businessperson in bangladesh.Apart from music,he also spends time inmakings videos for youtube, writing posts for his verified some social media page,writing blogs and is involved in digital marketing,IT sectors and blogging usingFacebook profile and page and making change.He is influencing and motivating people especially young very to do very positive works and think positively.So we can say that Emon Islam is a icon of Young generation of Bangladeshi people and a greatest musician with lots of activities.